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We specialise in luxury super car Hire

As the one of the nations leading affordable super car hire companies in the UK, we pride ourselves in taking care of our customers and providing the best quality exotic super cars and service you can imagine. With a stunning fleet of glamorous vehicles, we offer and guarantee the lowest prices on daily exotic car hire, chauffeur hire and limousine hire in the UK. With over ten years in the business, and with vehicles from Lamborghinis to Ferraris, we make sure that your experience will be one that is never forgotten.

Our friendly team of professionals will gladly assist you in selecting the perfect super car that’s right for you. We don’t just rent vehicles, we own, drive, and understand everything there is to know about driving luxury performance cars and are eager to answer any questions you have about our fleet.

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Why choose our Super Car Hire Services

Our vehicles are perfect for a special occasion, a weekend away or to fulfil a specific business need, London-based businesses which may not require vehicles on a regular basis, for example, may need a premium vehicle to drive to a meeting outside the capital, or you may operate a chauffeur company and one of your VIP clients requires an extra special vehicle. Or perhaps you are a business person based abroad who is working in the UK for a short period of time and you require a car which suits your business needs. Of course, with many of our cars the subject of dreams, you may just wish to realise a long-held desire to experience driving a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Maserati.

p>For this reason we are one of the UK’s leading luxury, prestige and supercar companies with a fleet of vehicles made up of some of the most amazing cars on the road today.