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Bentley Hire


Whether you’re looking for the perfect start to your wedding day or simply seek to improve an extra level of frill and refinement to your special day, our chauffeur driven top of the range Bentley Arnage or Bentley flying spur are guaranteed to make your day a memorable one to remember.There are four different Bentley vehicles on for hire and all of them are designed to the maximum standards. You can choose from the inspiring Bentley Arnage, the Baby Bentley limo, the Bentley Flying Spur silver, or the Bentley Flying Spur in white. They are all popular cars and they could be more within your means than you think. Take a look around our site to find out more about the different Bentley cars and limos available and the services that we offer

If you fancy a stylish night out for an anniversary special, birthday or for any other occasion, then a chauffeur driven Bentley, and in particular the Bentley Arnage and Bentley Continental Flying Spur will make an exceptional choice. The Arnage is a little bit more traditional than the Flying Spur, and because of its extraordinary performance, all-wheel drive the Spur would have to be the car of choice for lengthier chauffeur driven journeys, the choice eventually rests with your own choice and needs though.

Bentley Motors are the ultimate British luxury car company, devoted to developing and crafting the world’s most desirable high performance cars. There are many unique characteristics that define a Bentley - handcrafted luxury, characteristic design, breath-taking power and performance, a refined and exciting driving experience, yet it is the mixture of these characteristics that make this marque so unique.

More than any other attribute, power is the defining characteristic at the heart of the Bentley brand. In a Bentley, it’s that unique surge, like a giant hand pushing you towards the skyline. In the way Bentley do business, its total self-confidence – delivered with a very British sense of irony. The Bentley way is to make things appear as effortless as possible. A Bentley is unique – all it takes is a glance at the twin headlights, matrix grille or the high waistline to know one. The paradox of the car is that although it is instantly recognisable, it takes time and effort to hand-build each one. That’s the assured Bentley hallmark.

We can provide the our Bentley cars for daily hire, weekend hire or even weekly hire. Our Bentley hire service is available to hire in any region. Contact us to discuss your specific Bentley car hire requirements or if you wish to discuss any other aspect of our car hire or wedding car hire service then please do not hesitate to call us on 0845 234 2334.


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Please don't hesitate and call Rolls Royce Phantom Hire today to book yourself for the ultimate Rolls Royce Phantom experience.


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